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BOC Sciences is a life science organization with an experienced team of experts in the fields of microbiology, chemistry and biology. We aim to provide professional, high-quality products and services related to microbial metabolites for researchers in the fields of food safety, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

Products and services

BOC Sciences's product catalog covers various antibiotics, bioactive by-products, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins and other products fermented and isolated from actinomycetes, bacteria, fungi, plants and other organisms, many of which are other metabolites What the place does not have. We are constantly developing and producing new products, researching innovative production processes, and strengthening our products through technical cooperation.

BOC Sciences provides unparalleled high-quality services with professional knowledge and technology, so that every project meets GM P standards. We provide customized comprehensive and independent development services according to customer needs, covering a wide range of services such as microbiological product development and production, strain development, fermentation process optimization, downstream processing, etc., to provide support for the global life science industry.

We always uphold the values of customer-centricity and respect, focusing on the innovation, optimization and application of advanced technologies and products and processes to provide market-leading products and services when customers need them.


Our goal is to become the most competitive and productive metabolite supplier in the world. We will continue to expand our business and provide products and services to more and more customers around the world. We continue to improve and strive for perfection in the development, optimization and certification fields that we are good at, and always provide global customers with high-quality, competitively priced metabolite products and first-class services.

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