Capabilities & Facilities

BOC Sciences operates state-of-the-art FDA certified facilities with a fermentation capacity exceeding 2,000,000 liters. We offer comprehensive in-house services encompassing upstream & downstream processes, quality control, regulatory & lab testing.

Fermentation Lab

4 R&D and scale-up labs
2 Preparative purification labs

 Semi Pilot, Pilot and Industrial Plant

Fermentation Plant

Semi pilot, pilot and industrial plant
4 Manufacturing sites
7 Production lines at pilot scale
100+ Reactors of 30-4000 L; 170+ reactors of 20 KL-30 KL; 24+ reactors of >100 KL
2 Hydrogenation reactors (200 L, 4Mpa and 1000L, 4Mpa)

Semi Pilot, Pilot and Industrial Plant

Downstream Fermentation Process

Screen, development and preparation of Ion Exchange Resins, Microporous Adsorption Resins with large adsorption capacity, fast exchange speed and stable chemical properties

Adoption of high-efficiency green separation technology with membrane and chromatography technology
Design and implementation of complex product separation and purification process
Preparation of standard of compound and the related impurities
Main Equipment
Centrifuge: Disc/Decanter
Membrane system
Chromatography equipment
Drying equipment: Spray & freeze-drying

Semi Pilot, Pilot and Industrial Plant

Industrial Fermentation

Reactions at larger scale will be conducted in the manufacturing sites. BOC Sciences has the capability to carry out large scale fermentation and industrial fermentation. We optimize the fermentation process to achieve the scaling up and commercial production of various products.


Fermentation Process Development

Aerobic Fermentation
Anaerobic Fermentation
Solid State Fermentation
Submerged Fermentation
Continuous Fermentation & Fed-Batch Fermentation

Fermentation Certification

With 20+ years of continuous innovation and experience, we've established a robust quality management system and achieved international certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and ISO 14001. Our raw materials for healthcare products meet Kosher, HALAL, and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards. We also hold a HACCP certification for global food hygiene management. Quality management is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, from raw materials to sales, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance.

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