Fermentation for Special Small Molecules

Different from conventional synthetic small molecules, the small molecules obtained through fermentation, produced in the culture of living cells, are usually more bioactive and cost-effective. The development of fermented chemicals could better meet the research needs in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, animal feed, and material science.

One of BOC Sciences' focus is the expression of small molecules via fermentation. We have been exploring systems that allow the expression of small molecules that were previously only accessible via chemical synthesis.

Our Services

  • We offer extraction and analysis services of the fermentation products of a primitive strain.
  • According to the target small molecule provided by customers, we have the ability to optimize the selection of strains and design the experiment scheme.
  • We specialize in combining synthetic chemistry with fermentation and have successfully developed many chiral APIs and intermediates.
  • We provide a one-stop fermentation, analysis and purification service for your target small molecules.
  • Our Strain Technology includes Genetic engineering directed breeding, Physicochemical factors induced breeding, High throughput Screening technique, Protoplast fusion, Space breeding technology and Strain preservation and identification.
  • Capable of effectively improving bacteria, actinomycetes, mold, yeast, etc., and ability to transform primitive strain into industrializable strain.
  • Development of hybrid microbial active substances with genetic engineering technology and combined biotransformation technology.

Our Capability

  • Extensive Experience
    With more than 20 years of experience in the aspect of traditional strain breeding and fermentation production.
  • Identification Capability
    Microbial morphology and physiology
    DNA base composition analysis (G+C mol%)
    DNA-DNA Hybridization
    rDNA homology analysis (16S rDNA, 26S rDNA D1/D2, 5.8S rDNA ITS region sequence analysis)
    DNA based strain typing (RFLP, Whole genome sequencing, PCR-based DNA fingerprinting etc.)
  • Comprehensive Analytical Capabilities
    Fully characterize the product with the physical and chemical properties
    Development, optimization, qualification, and validation of test methods
    Compound characterization: GC-MS, LC-MS, NMR, XRD, etc.
    Lot release testing: HPLC, UPLC, IR, UV, etc.
    Stability study

    Preservation Methods

    Regular transplantation method
    Sand pipe method
    Liquid paraffin method
    Freeze vacuum drying method
    Ultra-low temperature freezing method
    Liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature freezing method, etc.
     Semi Pilot, Pilot and Industrial Plant

    Fermentation synthesis process of target small molecules

    Customer advisory
    Project discussion, fermentation formulation (customers can provide fermentation strains)
    Strain development and improvement
    Lab-scale fermentation, fermentation and purification parameters optimization
    Target small molecule extraction and purification

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