Fermentation Process Optimization

Combining fermentation and organic synthesis capabilities, BOC Sciences supports scale up process from the early stages through commercial production. We provide services for strain development, process optimization, and large-scale manufacturing, helping customers bring their products to the market.

In the actual fermentation production process, strain development and improvement are often involved, since the products from wild strains usually cannot fully meet the requirements of commercial production in terms of yield and potency. Measures such as strain mutagenesis and strain screening are usually used to obtain production strains with a higher yield, higher titer, better stability, lower toxicity, shorter fermentation time, and lower substrate cost.

Our Services

  • In addition to the various expression systems, including E. coli., Bacillus subtilis, Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we have a complete strain improvement platform with a variety of strain breeding techniques, such as physical mutagenesis, chemical mutagenesis, genetic recombination technology, space breeding, protoplast fusion, high-throughput screening, and etc.
  • According to different fermentation end products and fermentation scale requirements, our engineers provide customized industrialization solutions covering the entire front and late stages.
  • We offer multi-scale optimization of fermentation process (multi-parameter online detection and analysis, computer integrated control technology, frequency conversion control technology, mass spectrometry online analysis and tracking).

Our Capability

We have high end production and processing equipment, including fermentation tanks of different sizes, continuous sterilization, multiple aseptic feed lines, and separation and purification equipment.
Lab-scale: equipped with 5L to 200L fermentation tanks imported or domestic source.
Pilot-scale and Commercial-scale: equipped with fully automatic fermentation tanks of different volumes to 12,000L.
Commercial scale: Fermentation tanks of 10-120 m3

 Multi-scale optimization of fermentation process

Multi-scale optimization of fermentation process

Downstream Process Optimization

Our Capability

  • DSP Capability
    Screening, development and preparation of Ion Exchange Resins, Microporous Adsorption Resins with high adsorption capacity, good exchange efficiency and stabled chemical properties.
    Adoption of high-efficiency green separation technology with membrane and chromatography technology.
    Design and implementation of complex product separation and purification process.
    Preparation of reference standards for the target compound and the related impurities.
  • Advanced Equipment
    Centrifuge: Disc/Decanter
    Various membrane systems
    Drying equipment: Spray & freeze-drying
  • Seamless One-Stop Service
    Integrated development and manufacturing through lab scale to filing.
    Expertise in microbial fermentation process and chemical synthesis.
  • Fast and Cost Effective
    Super fast delivery of service and products
    High efficiency
    Competitive cost
  • Excellent Quality
    Top quality service
    Continuous improvement

We have a good track record in supporting the needs of microbial fermentation technology for biotransformation by pharmaceutical and supplement companies.

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