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GRAS Services

GRAS Services

As the food industry continues to grow and new ingredients are being investigated, achieving GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status has become more valuable. Our strain gene identification platform can help quickly confirm the identity of the strain and ensure that the strains used in your project are of the GRAS level. Usually, a full genome sequencing, potency, Gram staining, sugar fermentation, enzymatic activity, antibiotic strain resistance profile and proteome profile would be included in a GRAS report.

With CNAS certified lab, we staff experts with experience in strain identification and preparing the GRAS documentation and acting as a liaison with the expert panel and FDA, ensuring a successful and timely launch of ingredients.   

Our Services

  • We can help with the analysis of whether GRAS status is necessary for your ingredient and assist with the development of a successful regulatory strategy.
  • The expert team can identify technical and scientific data gaps by conducting literature searches and data gathering, and then recommend solutions.
  • Our lab staff research for scientific evidence to demonstrate that target substance is safe under the conditions of its intended use.
  • Source independent experts and mediate expert panel report on GRAS conclusions.
  • Preparing GRAS notification submission to FDA.

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