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Bioactive by-products

Bioactive by-products

Catalog Product Name CAS Inquiry
BBF-04339 Pexiganan acetate 172820-23-4 Inquiry
BBF-04477 Didemnin B 77327-05-0 Inquiry
BBF-04658 Spinosad 168316-95-8 Inquiry
BBF-04051 Selamectin 220119-17-5 Inquiry
BBF-04660 Spinosyn L 149092-01-3 Inquiry
BBF-04659 Spinosyn J 131929-67-4 Inquiry
BBF-03425 Tryprostatin A 171864-80-5 Inquiry
BBF-04464 10,11-Dihydro-24-hydroxyaflavinine 171569-81-6 Inquiry
BBF-04375 Spirotryprostatin A 182234-25-9 Inquiry
BBF-04372 Ustusolate E 1175543-06-2 Inquiry
BBF-04366 Ustusolate C 1188398-15-3 Inquiry
BBF-04365 Ustusolate A 1136611-58-9 Inquiry
BBF-00245 Azithromycin 83905-01-5 Inquiry
BBF-04132 Dalbavancin 171500-79-1 Inquiry
BBF-04067 Withaferin A 5119-48-2 Inquiry
BBF-05730 Abamectin 71751-41-2 Inquiry
BBF-04031 Ketoconazole 65277-42-1 Inquiry
BBF-04014 Paclitaxel 33069-62-4 Inquiry
BBF-04154 Voriconazole 137234-62-9 Inquiry
BBF-04170 α-Mangostin 6147-11-1 Inquiry

BOC Sciences has been committed to providing customers with diverse and high-quality bioactive by-products at the best price.

Microbial metabolites have received extensive attention from researchers because of their excellent effects. The types and yields of metabolites continue to increase, and their uses are becoming more and more extensive. But when we benefit from the effects of metabolites, a large number of metabolites are eliminated in the form of drug residues. This may bring new harm to mankind and restrict the stable and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry. The use of modern methods to extract bioactive by-products for reuse will bring great value.

The production of different metabolites has different fermentation processes and different extraction methods. For example, the residual metabolites or derivatives in the waste liquid of the chlortetracycline production process have a strong growth-promoting effect on crops. In addition, the residue after fermentation of streptomyces rimosus can be taken as serve as protein in feed to provide animal nutrition, and it is non-toxic. Microbial fermentation can directly apply microorganisms to the production process to produce the required products. Many agricultural by-products or food industry by-products can be used as raw materials for the production of bioactive substances by fermentation to realize the utilization of waste.

Bioactive by-products are proof of the overall development of fermentation industry technology. The production of bioactive by-products can improve the utilization of resources and energy, reduce the use of toxic substances and reduce the generation of waste, reduce environmental pollution to improve environmental quality, and maintain the stable and sustainable development of fermentation and other related industries.

Bioactive by-products have a wide variety of applications in industry, and their commercial value is constantly increasing. The development and utilization of these by-products can achieve real value for further improving the efficiency of the industry.

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