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Acetyl-L-homoserine lactone

Acetyl-L-homoserine lactone - CAS 51524-71-1

Catalog number: BBF-04200

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Catalog Number BBF-04200
CAS 51524-71-1
Description It is the shortest and most polar alkyl homologue of a family of mediators of cell to cell interactions in bacterial biofilms. It can cause carbapenem formation in Erwinia carotovora.
Molecular Formula C6H9NO3
Molecular Weight 143.14
Synonyms C2-HSL; N-Acetyl-L-homoserine lactone; N-Ethanoyl-L-homoserine lactone; Acetylhomoserine lactone; N-[(3S)-Tetrahydro-2-oxo-3-furanyl]-acetamide
IUPAC Name N-[(3S)-2-oxooxolan-3-yl]acetamide
InChI InChI=1S/C6H9NO3/c1-4(8)7-5-2-3-10-6(5)9/h5H,2-3H2,1H3,(H,7,8)/t5-/m0/s1
Boiling Point 441.3±34.0°C (Predicted)
Melting Point 113-117°C
Purity >99% by HPLC
Density 1.20±0.1 g/cm3 (Predicted)
Solubility Slightly soluble in Chloroform, DMF (Sparingly), Methanol (Sonicated)
Appearance White Solid
Storage Store at -20°C
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