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Antibiotic 2-11-A

Antibiotic 2-11-A - CAS 89687-35-4

Catalog number: BBF-02988

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Catalog Number BBF-02988
CAS 89687-35-4
Description It is produced by the strain of Streptomyces sp. 2-11. It can inhibit the proliferation of splenic lymphocytes induced by Concanavalin A in mice.
Molecular Formula C23H28O6
Molecular Weight 400.46
Synonyms Gibbestatin A; Benzoic acid, 2-hydroxy-6-[5-(1-methoxyethyl)-7-[(3-methyloxiranyl)methylene]-6-oxo-1,3-nonadienyl]-; 2-11-A
IUPAC Name 2-hydroxy-6-((1E,3E,5S,7E)-5-((S)-1-methoxyethyl)-7-((3-methyloxiran-2-yl)methylene)-6-oxonona-1,3-dien-1-yl)benzoic acid
Solubility Soluble in Ethanol, Methanol
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