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BOC Sciences is a leading contract development and manufacturing company. We provide services for strain development, metabolic pathway engineering, strain improvement, protein expression, enzyme engineering and fermentation process development.

We fulfill projects tailored to your needs and help to improve manufacturability and process economy  with any development stage and expression platform. Our high-quality services focus on fermentation-related projects and meet the needs of customers in industries including pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and many others.

Fermentation for Special Small Molecules

With more than 20 years of experience in the aspect of traditional strain technology, we can effectively find out the most functional strains combination to get the target small molecules. Using mutagenesis, gene recombination, high-throughput screening and genetic engineering directed breeding, we have been successfully developed/improved a variety of strains for our customers and help them transform primitive strains into industrializable  strains.

We can also optimize specific strain on current expression conditions, leading to higher protein expression in subsequent fermentation, increasing the yield of small molecules, and helping our clients discover possibility of the commercial production.
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Fermentation Process Optimization

We have extensive expertise in scaling up and process optimization. Our dedicated facilities and processing capabilities for fermentation can support your biotechnology projects from inception to commercial scale.

We also provide strain development services and downstream process optimization and solutions for mature fermentation products to our industrial customers in various fields.
After obtaining the optimal strain, we optimize the fermentation process by tuning temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and others to help find out the optimum combination of fermentation parameters covering upstream fermentation to downstream process.
We are committed to addressing your major concerns with solutions and are dedicated to maximize yields while maintaining the highest quality of products.
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GRAS Services

GRAS is an FDA designation that experts believe the substances added to food are safe. An ingredient with a GRAS designation is exempted from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements.
Our regulatory and scientific experts can help our clients complete GRAS evaluations, prepare the GRAS documentation to support the GRAS status of the ingredients.
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As a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), BOC Sciences provides world-class fermentation capabilities. We have fully controlled facilities for fermentation and downstream processing, and have extensive expertise and successful experience in the use of various vector development and large-scale production.
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