Fermentation in Human Nutrition

BOC Sciences provides a variety of human nutrition through strong fermentation capacity. We are not only an ingredient supplier, but also a solution provider for your fermentation business. We help you more easily access human nutrition present in materials including amino acids, small peptides, vitamins, polyols, proteins and more. As a reliable partner, we strictly implement quality management, set quality standards from the raw material procurement stage, and conduct regular inspections by professionals to thoroughly implement stable quality supervision.

BOC Sciences can provide various scales of fermentation manufacturing, striving to meet customers' procurement needs.

What is Fermentation in Human Nutrition?

Modern science has confirmed that fermented products contain many health-promoting components, such as organic acids, ethanol, or other antimicrobial compounds that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Fermented products used in human nutrition or animal feed are currently important elements that affect the function of the organism and the gastrointestinal tract. The fermentation process is accompanied by multidirectional changes in the basic chemical composition of the processed raw materials in terms of mineral elements and vitamin content. Fermentation can also remove toxic or unwanted components, such as phytic acid chelating divalent metal ions, or reducing the level of heavy metals.s, or reducing the level of heavy metals.

Fermentation in Human Nutrition

Our Services of Fermentation in Human Nutrition

Our Capabilities of Fermentation

We have one-stop complete production and processing capabilities, and can start from the screening of engineering strains and optimization of fermentation conditions to realize the mass production of human nutritional ingredients. We also have a number of independent patented technologies and core equipment to support the fermentation production of various projects.

Fermentation in Human Nutrition

Large-scale fermentation production and purification need to solve bottleneck problems technically, we can use recombinant DNA technology to produce customized starter cultures to meet the technical and metabolic requirements required for specific fermentations (such as accelerated acid production, improved hygiene, health promotion properties, overproduction of bacteriocins, or specific enzymes required to degrade undesirable factors).

Our Advantages

  • Documentation quality and procedures of strain origin are assessed and approved by a qualified quality assurance service;
  • Guarantee the stability of strains in cell banks and large-scale fermentations (including pre-cultivation);
  • Optimize the codon usage of genes to facilitate expression in selected microorganisms;
  • Run the fermentation process in batch, fed-batch or continuous mode;
  • Optimize culture conditions to maximize yield;
  • Take precautions and follow the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approach and the basic principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
  • High standard quality control tools are used to quantify and evaluate the quality of products.

With our comprehensive and proven fermentation capabilities, different product and yield requirements can be met. We help you obtain the best possible human nutrition ingredients to meet the unique nutritional needs of your consumers. Our service is a special customized service, which requires you to inform us of your purpose and required delivery products, and we will customize production according to your requirements.

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