High-Throughput Screening Service

BOC Sciences provides high-throughput screening (HTS) service for ideal microbial strains selection. We help our customers to improve microbial strain performance through various high-throughput screening strategies, including the construction of screening libraries and the adoption of different detection methods for target compounds. BOC Sciences have established comprehensive high-throughput screening systems, and our advanced devices fulfill your needs for the entire screening process.


In order to enhance the industrial production capacities of microbes and improve the performance of enzymes and strains, strains development is a crucial part of the modern microbial fermentation industry. To date, various efficient high-throughput screening methods have been established to improve strains, and these strategies are correlated to the desired phenotype. For example, enzymes of high activity or target compounds of high yield can be incorporated with substance or signal to easily yet rapidly identify and evaluate the desired phenotype by naked eye or instrument. Some standard signals detection methods for strain screening include UV/visible spectroscopy-based screening, fluorescence spectroscopy-based screening, electrochemical sensor (ES) based screening, biosensor-based fluorescence spectroscopy screening, and Raman spectroscopy-based screening.

Application of High-Throughput Screening

High-throughput screening techniques have upregulated the throughput for industrial microorganisms of desired phenotypes through an efficient workflow. With advanced techniques, such as fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) combined with fluorescent probes, have significantly improved screening efficiency. Microbes serve as cellular platforms for the biosynthesis of biochemicals, and the production capacity can be enhanced using the HTS tools. In addition, certain microbial strains are also used to eliminate environmental contaminants through their catabolism and degradation abilities, which can be detected using the biosensor-based screening method.

Our Advantages

Through our extensive experience and strong capabilities in high-throughput screening, we offer strains with various advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Rapid growth
  • High genetic stability
  • Non-toxic to humans
  • Cost-effective substrates
  • High-efficiency fermentation production
  • Low culture costs
  • Upregulate access with carbon and nitrogen sources
  • Rapid product elimination that interferes with downstream processing

Extensive experience in strain breeding.

Optimized medium selection, biomass control and product induction.

Complete strain expression system construction

Cost-effective and high-quality products.

Our Methods

  • Agar plate-based screening
  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS): flow cytometry (FC) can quickly analyze multiple parameters of a single cell and rapidly classify target groups. Cellular information can be accurately detected using FC, including cell density, size, and fluorescence signals. FACS is a fluorescence-activated cell sorting technology that can efficiently sort single cells using FC. This method converts enzyme activity into a detectable fluorescent signal and maintains the consistency of phenotype and genotype.
  • Droplet microfluidic screening: microfluidics is a technique for manipulating fluids from microliter to picoliter scale, generally employing a microfluidic chip. Based on microfluidic chip technology, a droplet-based microfluidic system has been developed for independent single-cell analysis.
  • Various detection methods of target compounds, such as UV/visible spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, etc.

Project Workflow

  • Customer advisory
  • Project discussion
  • Selection of microbial host
  • High-throughput screening of microbial strains
  • Evaluation of the novel strain, transform primitive strains into industrialized strains
  • Project delivery

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